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Our Projects

At Prójekt Ubuntu, we strive to make a difference and create positive change in our local environment. Our organisation has brought together international volunteers with community leaders to work together on numerous projects. Our team is passionate and dedicated to our cause, and we have worked hard to raise funds and create meaningful impact in our community.

We believe in the power of collaboration and the importance of giving back, and we invite you to join us and learn more about our mission. To find out more, please visit our website and explore all the ways you can get involved.

The Ubuntu Centre

Led by our tireless Director, Pathiswa Ngcuka, the Centre is a pillar of the community. It is home to early childhood development and after school programs. It assists our students with learning materials and school supplies. The Centre offers community outreach including breast cancer awareness, registering for vaccines, etc. We run environmental clean-up campaigns in the community and on the nearby beach and organise educational outings and events including ocean awareness and art classes.


Disaster Relief

Wherever we can, we support our community after fires and floods. We have re-built houses for the children from our centre whose homes were destroyed by fire. We also built a brick building after a fire destroyed the original structure of a local early childhood education centre, Masivelane (which cares for 60 children).

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Environmental Action

We participate and lead clean up campaigns within our community and beyond including beach clean-ups.


Youth Development

Prójekt Ubuntu has brought interns and youth from all over the world together in the spirit of Ubuntu. From 2010 until 2020 we have provided a constant stream of volunteers who have assisted 8 early childhood development centres with resources and upgrades. We have facilitated the volunteer process for 3000-4000 international volunteers, spreading the spirit of Ubuntu as far as we can reach

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Peacebuilding and Conflict Resolution

We work with community leaders to stand against looting and protect our community during protest action.



We trained 50 university students in community and student leadership. We funded and organised the implementation of Breath Water Sound program (conflict resolution and stress release program) in township and rural areas on behalf of the International Association of Human Values (approximately 4000 people went through this training).


Our Vision For the Future

We have a goal to spread Ubuntu consciousness in the World. We would like to be able to legally purchase the land for our community centre so that we can rebuild The Ubuntu Centre on stronger foundations. Our dream is to add a second level where we can host a martial arts studio, space for a community meeting area for workshops on drug addiction, health and safety, parenting, gender based violence, the environment, community movie nights and much more

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