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The Team

Sidney Ryan

Founding Member and Visionary

Sidney, an artist with a huge social conscience  was in his studio in Woodstock. He had an image of Mandela that he sketched and for him at the time it was the only thing he had to get him through. Sidney was orphaned at a young age; and had no family. As a young person, Nelson Mandela had been the kind of role model and icon that got him through some dark days, like many youth in South Africa.  The image was inspired by a photo which appeared in our local newspaper taken during Nelson Mandela’s inaugural speech. Sidney himself was present when Mandela gave his inaugural speech.  A moment which signified South Africa’s triumph over darkness and our journey towards freedom. 

Sidney’s image of Mandela spoke volumes. Mandela continues to be a positive role model for young people all over South Africa and for people all over the world. Nelson Mandela represented hope and a non-violent solution to a country in turmoil.  He projected the essence of what it is to be human, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, strength and human values. Our core values at Prójekt Ubuntu have been inspired by Nelson Mandela and his principles.

In March 2012, with Candi, Sidney took his image to a videographer, working on a documentary about an art installation at Afrika Burns (South Africa's equivalent of the U.S's Burning Man). The installation, a recreation of the image that Sidney had drawn, was a tribute to Nelson Mandela and the spirit of 'Ubuntu'. The image was drawn by Sidney Ryan and is an image of the face of Mandela. The installation was co-ordinated by the 'Ariel artist' John Quigley from the United States. For a link to the video on this please click here

Candi Horgen 

CEO & Director 

Candi taught a development program for 10 years, teaching peace building techniques in the townships of South Africa. This had her working with Government and running national programmes whilst at the same time running an events company. Candi managed the HIV/ AIDS awareness campaign for the South African government in South Africa for 15 years. A deeply traumatic event in Candi's life was a turning point which led to a whole lot of soul searching. "When you see that life is temporary and that we can go at any moment, it brings the following questions:  "who am I and what is my purpose in life?” This started a whole "spiritual journey” which had her travelling between India and Africa. Through breathing and meditation Candi was able to turn around a traumatic experience and direct her energies towards helping and the upliftment of others.

Sidney & Candi

Candi & Sidney met in 2008 and they had a shared passion for people. Both were socially driven with  a similar vision. They wanted to make a difference in their country and to play a role in contributing to its new found freedom and democracy. After teaching developmental programmes in the townships for 10 years Candi had been taught something she believed to be so beautiful: the gift of Ubuntu “humanity”. With a growing understanding of Ubuntu Candi was looking for a way to share this important message with the world at a time when we were starting to experience a shift towards the material world. The importance of developing our human values seemed ever more important and continues to be until this day.

Promise Busisiwe Banda

Promise believes in the power of collective action to address social and environmental challenges. As a Community Project Coordinator she is responsible for overseeing and facilitating community development projects and programs on behalf of Projekt Ubuntu. The heart of her mission is to empower and engage our community. She works closely with community members, volunteers, and other stakeholders to evaluate, plan, and execute projects that promote positive change within our target community of Masiphumelele and surrounds. Promise has a deep understanding of the community's needs, effective communication skills, and the ability to manage project resources efficiently.


Promise holds a Bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Cape Town and has previous expereince working with NGOs and community-based organisations. As Community Project Coordinator for Projekt Ubuntu, she plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the organization and the community it serves. She is dedicated to community engagement, project management, and advocacy which contribute significantly to the success of initiatives that improve the lives of people in need. Her mission is creating positive change and sustainable development in underserved communities.


Other team members

Beyond our core team, Projekt Ubuntu relies on a group of dedicated and passionate staff and volunteers. 

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